Why You Should Use Content Curation in Content Marketing?

The one way to save time and create more content is to use content curation platforms. Content curation is a way to strengthen your content marketing efforts without having to invest a ton of time

The one way to save time and create more content is to use content curation platforms. Content curation is a way to strengthen your content marketing efforts without having to invest a ton of time and money in creating original content like blog posts. How can your brand deliver quality content curation on a consistent basis? You can use content curation to fill in the holes in your social media schedule on days when you don’t have created content. Regardless of your team or business size, content curation should become a part of your content marketing strategy. Apply the 80/20 rule of social media to your content curation efforts when posting on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. It probably won’t shock you to know that Hootsuite is one of the favorite content curation tools. Content curation tools can help you find shareable and relevant content on a frequent basis.

Content curation tools offer you great content from other sources to enhance your content marketing strategy, to increase your brand visibility, and to boost your SEO ranking. Recycle the best content available using a content curation tool. In fact, a lot of Twitter users share posts through content curation on a regular basis. Paper.li is a content curation platform for creating online newspapers using the content from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and RSS feeds. Content curation is finding, filtering, and sharing a handpicked collection of content with your audience from a variety of sources across the internet. While it may seem counter-intuitive, content curation can actually pay off big for your company’s marketing in several ways. Like many content curation tools and resources, Storify does a great job with the content aggregation process – that process of collecting as much relevant content as possible.

Why is content curation important?

Content curation can also boost your search engine optimization efforts by helping you earn inbound links from other influential websites. But keep in mind content curation metrics differ from those generated by most other content marketing strategies, because curation relies on third-party, off-site content. ContentGems is an app in the Hootsuite App Library that is specifically designed to help with content curation. With content curation, the bulk of the content you share with your audience will most likely not, be content that someone else authored. LinkedIn actually has a pretty good content curation system in place that customizes to your profile. Hopefully, content curation is already a core part of your social media marketing strategy. The first rule of content curation is not to overthink it.

Trap.it is a top content curation tool and marketing automation software that puts your employees’ social media presence to work. This top content curation tool makes it easy for marketing teams to curate industry-relevant content across multiple verticals. This top content curation tool is a great way to keep your audience engaged with the content you recommend and have a way for them to still interact with you and act accordingly. It’s a top content curation tool to your marketing toolkit. elink.io is one of the top content curation tools that is a must-have in your tool belt regardless of your profession. Content curation is an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy. The key to a successful content curation strategy is finding and sharing the content that will connect with your target audience.

Content marketers, digital marketers, and social media marketers are moving towards content curation to help them generate engaging and fresh content. In fact, 82% of marketers have added content curation to their marketing strategy to showcase themselves as an authority in their industry and to reinforce their relationships with the audience. Content curation is the process of identifying and sharing relevant information with your audience. Most often, content curation occurs via a social media channel but this isn’t the only opportunity. With content curation, you can share topics and content with your audience. Content curation is the process of finding and collecting online content and presenting the best pieces in a structured way. Like all other aspects of marketing, content curation adds value to your brand and creates lasting relationships with your customers. This is how content curation came along; a process that can help you out with your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content curation has tapped its way into the content marketing world to extend and empower relevant content in the online world. When done correctly, content curation gives a personal and relevant perspective to each published blog post. While content curation provides significant value, so too does original content that’s created for and speaks directly to your target audience. Like any other marketing strategy, the impact of content curation can only be established when there is a deliberate effort to evaluate its success. Alongside original content, content curation is a key aspect of any content marketing initiative. As you move forward, you can bring content curation into your own website content and your email newsletters. With over 80,000 users worldwide, elink is one of the best tools when it comes to fast and beautiful content curation. As you can see, content curation is much more than just sharing someone else’s content.

What does content curation mean?

Content curation is a fantastic opportunity for brands to grow their content marketing strategy. Over the past few years, savvy marketers have learned to integrate content curation as a key component of their online marketing strategy. For those afraid to ask, content curation is the continual process of finding, reading, contextualizing, and sharing online content for a specific audience. Content curation is finding, organizing, and sharing relevant information to your audience with the intention of adding value. Content curation is one of the most talked-about strategies in social media. But while many people employ some form of content curation, not everyone maximizes the benefits they can actually see from this strategy. It’s not hard for me to say, definitively, that content curation works. Content curation tools help you find relevant content or help you with fresh content ideas to post on your social media accounts.

Content curation is the art of collecting relevant content from various authoritative sources and sharing it with your audience in different formats. Content curation for marketing and B2B PR isn’t just about sharing other people’s content. This post doesn’t explain only what content curation is — it explains why it’s beneficial to your brand and what questions you should ask yourself as you curate content. Social content curation keeps your company feeds fresh, your customers engaged, and it saves you time and energy. Ultimately, running a successful content curation strategy comes down to understanding your audience. With so many benefits to offer, content curation is a must. For those of you who don’t have the time to invest in the research and development of these posts, content curation comes into play. LinkedIn is one of the top content curation tools that also help you curate, save, and share infographics, videos, and other types of professional visual content. Content curation is the white horse that will help you and your team save time and create great engaging content simultaneously.

Picking a content curation tool really depends on the scale at which you are curating content. If done right, content curation works like a magnet – it lures readers who eventually turn into potential customers. In 2020, content curation will be easier due to the multiple tools you can use to automate the process but it will also need to be more thoughtful and intentional. If you’re doing content curation right now, take some time to determine how the strategy can be fine-tuned. Use one of the free content curation tools that make it easy to create an online magazine related to your industry or topic of your choice. Using content curation in the early stages of your content initiatives will give you a chance to understand your audience. Content curation can be used either manually or automatically or by a combination of them. Whatever source of content or method of content aggregation you choose; content curation will save you time, money, and effort.

Content curation is the art of discovering, collecting, and presenting content that revolves around a given topic. With content curation, you can access a variety of articles online that you might want to share with your blog audience. Content curation is a growing tool that bloggers and publishers use for content marketing to attract and expand the content they have online. Content curation doesn’t need to include social networks, it can be done via blog posts as well, or e-books and similar material. After you carry out your content curation strategy it is mandatory to continue with content distribution and promotion to bring value and keep your article alive. Using interactive visual content ideas for boring industries is another content curation strategy. Content curation helps fill up your editorial calendar without the same investment needed to create original content.

How does content curation work?

Now that we’ve covered how awesome and beneficial content curation is, it’s time to implement it into your own strategy. Content curation is the practice of searching and identifying meaningful content that is generated by third parties and sharing it with your target audience. As a content marketing strategy, content curation is unique because it relies on third-party content developed by external parties. I like to think of Scoop.itas a nexus of content curation and social media, with a Pinterest-like user interface. Collecting content from various websites and sharing them in a way that is presentable and context is key to successful content curation. elink.io is one tool that takes the pain out of content curation with ease and will save your hours. Simply copying and posting links on social media is not an effective content curation strategy.

But, with content curation, you will find the most relevant content in your industry and present it to your audience. Content curation is not just sharing content that you’ve stumbled upon. You can use content curation either for your internal newsletter or for your marketing efforts. Content curation is the act of sharing interesting, relevant information about a topic, and it adds to your credibility when it’s done right. For organizations and brands, content curation can help establish the organization’s thought leadership and capture attention in today’s information cluttered world. Content curation can help your organization become the go-to authority on an issue or topic area. Content curation is often touted as an easy way to solve the problem, but the concept is often poorly understood. Content curation then is an effective tactic and tool for your online marketing efforts and social media strategies but is by no means a magic bullet or quick fix for your online marketing woes.

Great content curation takes a lot of hard work and thoughtful consideration of not only your company’s brand and culture but also some insights into your client’s needs and interests. In content curation, it has to give details about the content and context. Now that you’re familiarized with the benefits and impact content curation can do for your digital marketing efforts, it’s high time that you get up to speed with the following key tactics. These will show you how to leverage content curation to boost your content marketing efforts – and get the results you want. Content curation works like a magnetic sponge as it collects a large chunk of information then attracts readers who eventually become customers of your thriving business. This is an all-in-one content curation tool that helps you find and curate any type of content available online.

While content curation can be a wonderful add-on to your content marketing strategy, it’s important to not take it lightly. As a part of your content curation strategy, you can create a free Pinterest account and start pinning relevant content to your own boards. SocialPilot also offers excellent content curation services, that too at no extra cost. In fact, content curation has become one of the mainstays of a well-rounded B2B content marketing strategy. If you want a system based solely on content curation, Scoop.it is probably something you’d be interested in. Content curation is when you collect useful bits of information and share them with your audience. If you’ve ever retweeted, shared a Facebook post, or shared a YouTube video on Facebook, you’re involved in content curation. Use top content curation tools to search blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Google News, and Flickr for content your audience would find interesting.

What is social media curation?

As you regularly collect and share your curated content, your influence, network, and following will also grow. Measure what curated content generates the most engagement. Are there certain hot topics that your audience loves or are there certain questions you are hearing in response to that curated content? This can help save a lot of time and effort, especially if you actively curate and post content on social media. As a social media curator, learn the best way to curate content on a variety of social media platforms. There’s no magic number when it comes to finding the ratio of curated content vs. original content. As a rule of thumb, at least 25% of your content should be curated. Another benefit is that it’s easier to curate content rather than create it. Listly is a web-based app that helps you curate content lists quickly. It really depends on what kind of content you want to curate. Curata is a top content curation tool focused on marketers in enterprises to discover, organize, curate, and share the best content from around the web.

Amateurs and professionals alike use Scoop.it because it curates lighting fast and filters like a champion. Like I mentioned above, the sharing of curated content needs to take only five percent of your overall curation workflow. 65% of marketers find it hard to curate quality and engaging content. Scoop.it finds popular and trending material based on choice words and phrases, giving you the necessary control as you curate. Thankfully, there are content curation tools that can help you find relevant, trending, engaging content that you can then curate for your own readers. There are multiple strategies for adding value to curated content. This decision will be influenced by where you decide you share your curated content. These apply to original and curated content; the content you curate should align with your target audiences’ interests and needs, as well as reinforce your company’s overall messaging.

But overall, we’ve found that trying to share one piece of curated content for every four or five original posts is a realistic and achievable goal for most of our clients. Your curated content should be hand-picked with your audience in mind and clustered around specific topics. While sharing more created content and less curated content is more beneficial to one business, another brand sees more ROI when things are the other way around. Sharing curated content shakes up your marketing strategy and gives your followers fresh content every day without bombarding them with self-promotion. A simple way to get around the problem of wanting to produce more content with limited resources is to curate content from already existing material. You can – and should – use curated content through every stage of your marketing funnel. The content you create for your blog isn’t the same as the content you create for, say, Pinterest and the same principle applies to curated content.

Ideally, you need to optimize your curated content for each channel so that it resonates with and engages your users. What makes curated content meaningful is how it is presented, by whom it was curated, and the context for why it was chosen. A curator may find an insightful blog but be unable to share it because the host website is known for posting stories that contain inaccurate information. Sharing your curated content does not have to be complicated. Sharing curated content without a proper call to action is a missed opportunity to get your audience to take a particular action. You may simply add quotes or insights from within the curated content, or preferably you can share your perspective on the piece of content you’re sharing. When conversations break out around the curated content you’ve shared with your audience, don’t be afraid to jump in. One of the easiest aspects of social media that most businesses haven’t taken full advantage of is the massive potential for meaningful engagement through the promotion of curated content.


Content curation is selecting and sharing highly relevant content with your audience and offering the information in a way that’s unique to your brand. Your customer must always remain at the center of your every content curation effort. Now that you know the advantages of content curation, you are ready to integrate it into your social media plan. Content curation is a quick way to fill up your site with informative and engaging content. While Pinterest is more of a social site, don’t underestimate its value for content curation. Feedly is another one of the top content curation tools out there that helps you organize all your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels into collections. This content curation tool collects content from your favorite sites and packages it in a personalized magazine. Quora is a top content curation tool focused on a community who answer curated answers based on their expertise and interest.

The artistry of curating content may take a bit of time to master, but you’ll quickly find out how important and vital content curation is to your brand. The takeaway here is that content curation can be a successful and practical form of content marketing when done with the best interests of your readers in mind. The lesson to be learned here is that content curation is a perfectly acceptable form of content marketing. No one pretends that’s an easy thing to do, but we can all agree that you have a better shot when using the right content curation tools. For some, the more involved content curation tools can feel overwhelming at times. In this article, we highlighted some of the best content curation tools used by content marketers and writers all over the world.

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