Little Known Facts About What Is Rakuten Affiliate Network About – And Why It Matters

Voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for four years in a row, Rakuten Affiliate Network gives you the necessary tools to launch a profitable program. Rakuten works with advertisers to create an affiliate marketing

Voted as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for four years in a row, Rakuten Affiliate Network gives you the necessary tools to launch a profitable program. Rakuten works with advertisers to create an affiliate marketing strategy. The signup process is simple, you can get approved by many affiliate programs, there are huge brands that you can promote through Rakuten, and you can also create links and banners with ease. Most, if not all affiliate programs and networks are limited to specific regions such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and this is what makes Rakuten Marketing standout. Rakuten Marketing’s Affiliate Network is the world’s number 1 ranked affiliate program, providing superior service and innovation to merchants and publishers.

The Rakuten Affiliate Network is the world’s largest, with a number of key merchants, many of whom are eager to expand into China using affiliate marketing. A survey done by Forrester on behalf of Rakuten Marketing reveals that 94% of publishers use two or more affiliate programs. After you join the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network, you will then apply to join the specific advertisers’ affiliate programs. Rakuten LinkShare Corporation provides online retailers and other businesses with expert online marketing services and solutions. Rakuten LinkShare’s cost per action affiliate network and lead generation campaigns can acquire new customers, increase revenue, and drive overall results while achieving a target return on ad spend. Rakuten Linkshare And ShareASale are very famous affiliate networks & their performance is best for business.

How do I use Rakuten affiliate?

Keep on reading this review of the Rakuten Affiliate Network to see how they can help you in your affiliate marketing journey. Create your own in-house affiliate program manually, or use a popular affiliate network like CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Affiliate Network, or ShareASale. The Rakuten Affiliate Network manages everything including the technical implementation, the migration of publishers, and the management of marketing assets. In 2014, Rakuten LinkShare was rebranded as Rakuten Affiliate Network, which is one of the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing networks right now. Rakuten Affiliate Network has this capability and it should be utilized by all affiliate managers with program on this network.

If you are an advertiser that runs an affiliate program on Rakuten Affiliate Network, then this post is important to read. Finally, much like the rest of the dashboard, the report functions of Rakuten Affiliate Network is pretty intuitive and a breeze to learn. Many of you might be interested in the Fiverr affiliate program which is available on Rakuten Affiliate Network. Rakuten Affiliate network has been around as an affiliate marketing service for a long time. The Rakuten Affiliate Network is one of the largest around the world and has thousands of affiliate programs for you to choose from. The general theme was that merchant offers on the Rakuten affiliate network just didn’t seem to convert as well as say those from similar programs on Commission Junction or ShareASale.

New research from Forrester, commissioned by Rakuten Affiliate Network, shows that the affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow to $6.8 billion over the next five years. If you are thinking of becoming a Rakuten affiliate, you should take some time to read our Rakuten affiliate network review – we’re including all the info you need from the sign-up process to its pros and cons. Rakuten Affiliate Network, headquartered in New York City, uses a game-changing strategy to connect global brands with top publishers from across the world. Thousands of publishers also count on the Rakuten Affiliate Network every day to be matched up with suitable advertiser relationships and to manage the affiliate payment processing. As of this writing, the Rakuten Affiliate Network has just over 1500 advertisers working with it.

Some top advertisers in Canada count on the Rakuten Affiliate Network as their Affiliate Marketing partner. Rakuten Affiliate Network is one of the largest Affiliate Networks in the world and one of the leading two networks in Canada. Most Rakuten Marketing affiliate reviews agree that Rakuten affiliate pricing is affordable, making it a good pick for new users.

How does Rakuten marketing work?

For more than 20 years, Rakuten Marketing has created a good reputation when it comes to supporting their brands efficiently by partnering only with the best publishers and advertisers.LinkShare is a subsidiary of Rakuten Marketing LLC. It falls in the category of some of the largest pay for performance affiliate programs in the world. Almost all Rakuten Marketing affiliate reviews agree that the platform is suitable for both advertisers and publishers. Rakuten Marketing is good for those who have been into affiliate marketing for a long time and those who have generated good traffic, consistently; otherwise, you will not be qualified. Rakuten Marketing was found in 2006 and was formerly known as LinkShare.

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That makes Rakuten Marketing one of the oldest affiliate networks out there. With Rakuten Marketing rebranding from the former LinkShare, the company has shown continuous growth and ability to adapt to the marketplace. Rakuten Marketing’s platform is of the highest standard, and improvements are always pushed out so that both advertisers and publishers can make the best choice and ultimately see a greater ROI. Rakuten Marketing has been named the world’s top affiliate network by Think, publishers of Revenue+Performancemagazine. Businesses looking to reach new audiences and encourage repeat purchases have a powerful tool in the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a global affiliate network that allows marketers to get involved in a consumer’s customer journey, as well as allowing publishers and advertisers to forge connections with each other. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s all-around strategy is great for both publishers and advertisers and assures businesses that the influencers and publishers they are partnering with are the best of the best. This strategy is also constantly fine-tuned, so both kinds of users can fully utilize Rakuten Marketing Affiliate to its full potential. Business can be assured that the connections they make through Rakuten Marketing Affiliate are of high quality, and can effectively support their brand.

New affiliate marketers, or those wanting to expand their reach quickly and on a global scale, will find Rakuten Marketing’s affiliate program to be a sensible next step. Alike all the other affiliate marketing platforms, Rakuten Marketing also offers you to get more publishers to grow your product promotion and helps to increase your sales revenue. This is the reason why many sellers have experienced growth in sales of almost three times than they had before using the Rakuten Marketing platform. MAC Cosmetics, Udemy, Cotton On, Macy’s, Fiverr, Top Man, AT&T. Diesel, Lego, and Aldo Shoes — these are just some of today’s biggest brands and affiliate programs that Rakuten Marketing is in partnered with.

Is Rakuten an affiliate network?

Cinedigm has chosen Rakuten Affiliate Network to exclusively handle the affiliate marketing program for Dove Channel. Through the partnership, the company supports Rakuten Affiliate Network’s position as the number one affiliate network. Dove Channel continues to out-perform expectations, so the partnership with Rakuten Affiliate Network, the world’s number one affiliate network, will ensure healthy and rapid growth. Rakuten Affiliate Network client ShoeMall migrated in September 2012 after seeking out a more robust affiliate program with access to greater tools, technology, and publisher partners. Rakuten Marketing, the global leader in omnichannel marketing, today released the report results of a new customer migration study conducted by its Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Rakuten Marketing’s omnichannel services include Rakuten Affiliate Network. Rakuten Display, Rakuten Attribution, and Rakuten Search. In terms of benefits, this is one of the easiest affiliate networks to use. Just like other affiliate networks, Rakuten Linkshare pays out on a CPA basis, and the publisher gets a commission on each action the user takes, which could be a sale, subscription, or a lead. Rakuten LinkShare’s superior service combined with technology innovation allows advertisers and publishers to acquire and retain new customers, increase revenue, and drive results. There are no minimum requirements to apply for Rakuten, however, publishers must have an existing website with traffic and create regular and quality content. Working with big-name brands like Best Buy, Lacoste, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and the like, Rakuten manages the quality and reliability of products and services being promoted.


Affiliate success comes down to partnerships — the Rakuten Marketing connects advertisers with publishers to reach new audiences and influence repeat purchases. In a world where newer is often seen as better, Rakuten defies this rule. The second option that makes Rakuten stand out is the creation of customized deep links. Some users might say that deep linking is also possible on other networks and thus does not make Rakuten unique, however, on Rakuten it is more intuitive and easier to track. Rakuten’s affiliate links are traceable via any publishing model, including email, social, paid search, and PPC campaigns – and, of course, the standard blog, content, vlog, and video platforms. When you’re searching through the affiliate programs throughout Rakuten’s site, it’s important to know what to look for when selecting an affiliate program.

If you’re not sure what company to select as your affiliate program, Rakuten has made it easy to search for affiliate programs based on categories. You can search for affiliate programs in the Rakuten site by either searching for them individually or by looking at different affiliate categories. Rakuten Marketing is very particular to those who want to become their publishers and they see to it that they will maintain quality even after the affiliates are accepted. The thing is, Rakuten Marketing only rewards commissions to their affiliates after they have been paid by the advertisers. Rakuten can be included in the circle of the oldest and the most successful affiliate networks out there. The Rakuten Marketing division is the global leader in digital marketing solutions that empower marketers to realize the full potential of marketing.

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What’s the deal with Rakuten?

Advertisers can increase their online sales by leveraging Rakuten LinkShare’s massive performance marketing network, along with expert consultative services and patented technology. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate also constantly monitors accepted affiliates to ensure that the network’s rules are being followed and the content created is consistently top-notch. The Rakuten network provides various payment methods, which depend on your location and network. If you’re interested in how Rakuten LinkShare works then keep reading. Rakuten, formerly known as LinkShare, is an affiliate network that has been in business since 1996. Rakuten Marketing platform also offers a programmatic display option to promote your products.

Along with the pool of capable affiliate marketers, Rakuten Marketing also offers you a detailed report about your affiliate campaign. Signing up as an affiliate with Rakuten Marketing is free of charge. Rakuten Marketing has been voted #1 affiliate network for 7 straight years by industry publications. Users of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate are equipped with tools that make marketing less arduous to implement, measure, and optimize. Rakuten Marketing is still an important player in the affiliate marketing scene, but their platform now looks very dated when compared to others. The benefit of working for a global organization like Rakuten Marketing is the opportunity to work with talented and knowledge-based colleagues, publishers, and advertisers worldwide.

With Rakuten Marketing, you can receive your payments via PayPal. Advertisers who use Rakuten Marketing Affiliate can expect a dedicated manager to look into their concerns. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s account management also empowers them to make smart marketing moves that help them grow their businesses. With its roster of popular influencers, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is an immense help not only in introducing a product or brand to new audiences but also in fostering loyalty to it. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is also a great way for advertisers to create and cultivate valuable connections as well as expand their reach. Since Rakuten Global Market works similarly to eBay, it cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products that are sold through their website. You must take extra precautions when purchasing expensive fashion items through Rakuten.

Ultimately, if you’re an affiliate that has already joined larger platforms and wants to expand your reach, look into joining the Rakuten network. Rakuten Marketing empowers marketers with integrated marketing solutions that enable them to achieve the full potential of digital marketing. Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in omnichannel marketing, delivering its vision of driving the Omni experience – marketing designed for streamlined consumer experience. Offering an integrated strategy that combines consumer centric insights with e-commerce expertise, Rakuten Marketing aims to inspire better marketing.


Rakuten Marketing, despite all the advancements found on its system, offers a simple-to-use reporting platform that anyone, even those who are technologically-challenged can use. With the universal tag of Rakuten, you can access the code that gives you the ability to conduct the multiple services offered across the marketing. Rakuten LinkShare is an Affiliate Marketing solutions to increase online sales. Rakuten Marketing can process payments to 202 countries/regions and in 25 major currencies. Rakuten Marketing is one of the global leaders in integrated marketing solutions. Influencer marketing platforms like Rakuten are best for users who want to get access to a number of brands without signing up for multiple accounts.

Yes, Rakuten marketing is legit and safe no matter where you are. The Rakuten LinkShare network has a team of experts that collaborate with you to come up with solutions that can optimize your revenue. Taking things to the next level, the Rakuten LinkShare network also provides useful advice to its clients and users. If you have not heard about Rakuten now is the time to increase your knowledge on leading eCommerce business’ around the world. For those familiar with Amazon only, Rakuten is the Amazon of Japan BUT it is a global company offering different benefits and is a competitor just like Alibaba competes with the two. Rakuten is willing to pay you cold hard cash for referring your friends.

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