An Honest Review of the ShareaSale Affiliate Network

As an affiliate, upon signing up and going through the screening process you will be ready to get involved in various affiliate programs. Browse the available merchants, their products, and the commission offered. Well executed

As an affiliate, upon signing up and going through the screening process you will be ready to get involved in various affiliate programs. Browse the available merchants, their products, and the commission offered. Well executed affiliate marketing efforts can generate sales for years to come, for example in case of quality content and strategically placed links on your site. Over time, this can turn into a viable business and income source for you. Simply put, affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant Website pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. ShareASale is a popular freelance affiliate marketing website that works by offering commissions to affiliates who sell products of merchants present on this website.

ShareASale is a privately held Illinois, USA Corporation since April 2000. This website boasts of numerous programs that give you the opportunity to make money by blogging. Besides this, ShareASale is also known for its huge nexus of affiliates and merchants. An affiliate program is a customer acquisition tool merchants can create to generate more sales with the help of publishers. When a new publisher is approved into your affiliate program, they become your affiliate and get unique tracking links that they will use whenever they share your products online. Every time someone clicks through to your website with their link and makes a purchase, you generate a sale and they earn a commission of that sale. ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network, and it was started in 2000. ShareASale services work as an intermediate between Merchants and Affiliates.

What is ShareASale All About?

There are over 2500+ merchants who offer bloggers to promote their products. On the other hand, thousands of affiliates are promoting merchants’ products and earning commissions through it. Maybe these are, programs that are just outside of the top 100 power rank that is doing well and have some potential, and they want to promote them and get them more. Exposure to affiliates to the modified and modernized user interface is a lot better than at what it used to be. But you know I just wanted to take kind of deeper look at which some top-performing affiliate programs and kind of analyze. You know what they’re about how they’re converting so if you’re at all interested in enjoining ShareASale, you know it is. Obviously, like Clickbank words, you know it’s all information products, but it’s really a much big focus is on the informational products that you can.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network and to date, they have over 3900 merchant programs. They rank as one of the largest US affiliate networks on the internet. ShareASale classifies their customers on 2 sets, the affiliate and the merchant. Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote and earn commissions on referrals for those products. Affiliates use their own website, blog posts, PPC, etc. to effectively reach customers. Basically, ShareASale works as an intermediate right between the merchants and the affiliates. And right on the other hand, you will find thousands of affiliates who are basically promoting merchant’s products in return of the commission. Affiliates basically write about their products and review that and easily get paid if any of their clicks on that link and make a purchase through their links.

Tell Me More About Their Program

At this point, you can start browsing available merchants to check out their products and available commissions. Your goal is to place merchant banners on your site or within non-spam emails to generate traffic and potential sales. Affiliates get paid per each sale, lead or click they generate depending on the affiliate program conditions they chose to be a part of. Payouts are made once the affiliate account balance is $50 or more. Only statistics provided by ShareASale are valid for determining earnings. An interesting detail is that all pages where you promote ShareASale links or banners need to be written in English. If you are outside of the USA, you can get paid via a direct deposit payment option where available.

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As an affiliate, you need to be aware that ShareASale has a very strict policy on SPAM and it simply means that you cannot spam in any way or your account will be terminated. This prevents cheating and false marketing based on tricking people to click links or using spam to make again in sales. More than 3900 affiliate programs are powered by ShareASale as on date. Founded in 2000, ShareASale primarily targets small and mid-size businesses. It is one of the largest US-based affiliate networks when it comes to the number of merchants using the network to manage their affiliate programs.

More than 700,000 affiliate marketers use the platform every day and 86% of the affiliates are members of the network. Brian Littleton, the founder of ShareASale, got the AFP Fair Practice Award in 2006 and the network itself has been awarded multiple times. Affiliate programs of CouponSurfer, Online Sports, Healthy Wage, and many other top brands are powered by ShareASale.

Affiliate manager’s jobs are to “WOW” affiliates and get them to promote their products/services and having a fully integrated and set up program is the first impression to all. Publishers who sign up for Shareasale can scroll thru the directory of merchants enrolled, look at the terms of service, and apply for affiliate programs. Once approved, the affiliates are given marketing materials like website banners, tracking links, and even tracking phone numbers.

Why ShareASale is a popular affiliate network?

ShareASale features more than 3,900+ affiliate programs in 40 different categories so chances of finding suitable products that interest you or fit your blog’s theme are considerable. The fact that merchants need to pay a significant amount of money to get featured on ShareASale hints at how serious they all are about their affiliate programs. There are many types of affiliate programs, ranging from online courses to website builders to marketing and business affiliates. ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the USA. ShareASale has been in business for over 17 years, completely as an Affiliate Marketing Network. There are over 4,000 merchants plugged into the ShareASale Network giving you a huge amount of retailers and individual products to promote. Based in Chicago, this affiliate Marketing network was founded in 2000.

Their main goal is to pay commissions to affiliates based on sales. When you sign up for their affiliate marketing services, you’ll have the chance to choose from more than 2,500 programs that allow you to gain commissions. Furthermore, ShareASale also allows you to manage a network of merchants. ShareASale is a platform for retailers to come and build their affiliate programs on. When you visit the ShareASale website, you are going to notice two large buttons for login and/or sign up actions. One is for merchants and the other one is for affiliates. This brings us to the question of what is an affiliate network? ShareASale is an affiliate network, which brings merchants and affiliates together and provides mutual profit opportunities. Merchants offer products up for sale and affiliates do their best to sell those products and earn commissions from each sale.

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When promoting affiliate offers, just make sure you are fully aware of all the terms and conditions attached to your affiliate program. Some programs can be strict about how they allow you to promote their products. No matter if you run your program in-house or on an affiliate network, you will need a creative inventory. To get started with ShareASale, you can sign up for their affiliate or merchant program via the company’s website. After submitting the application, ShareASale will email you a merchant or affiliate welcome package. ShareASale will provide affiliates with HTML referral links and banners for any of the available merchants. As an affiliate, you will place the HTML links and banners on your websites and start earning commissions for your referrals. ShareASale does not charge any fees to join the affiliate program.

Why ShareASale is so important for my business?

As a merchant, ShareASale will have your business loaded into the ShareASale system within two business days, and your business can start generating links and banners for affiliates. Additionally, merchants will need to select a commission structure to pay the affiliates. ShareASale charges a setup fee of $550 to join the merchant program. Promoting the right products and brands can make or break your affiliate marketing efforts. So if you a merchant that would like to use affiliate marketing to promote your brand and products, then this is a legit company to build a relationship with.

ShareASale divides its merchants into five primary categories – popular merchants, home & garden merchants, fashion merchants, green merchants, and business merchants. However, affiliates can actually choose merchants from different niches, or verticals, namely art & music, family & kids, food & drink, education, health, sports & recreation, and wedding.

Basically, ShareASale does not differ much from other affiliate networks. ShareASale offers various affiliate programs to promote on your website or blog. ShareASale is my favorite affiliate program network because of its large marketplace of over 3,900 merchants (they have tons of blogger-friendly affiliate programs) and the ease of use. As we all know that affiliate marketing is all about choosing the merchants wisely and if you are not doing that task wisely you may end up with few problems. ShareASale is a good platform to join if you are looking to get involved in marketing different affiliate programs to earn additional income.


Affiliates are usually people with great social skills, lots of followers on social media, and a strong online presence. Affiliates usually have their own blogs and savvy marketing skills which they use for their marketing efforts. To gain access to reputable affiliate programs, one of the easiest ways is to join affiliate networks such as ShareASale. ShareASale is a super popular and trustworthy affiliate network founded by Brian Littleton. ShareASale website is extremely useful if you are a merchant selling products online and looking to boost your sales and reach.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, especially when you don’t sell products or services. Joining an affiliate program can get you exclusive access to new content and special deals for your audience — all while earning you more money. To break down the question “Is affiliate marketing worth the effort? Affiliate marketing is a large part of the Smart Passive Income business. Shareasale is a marketplace where affiliates and merchants come together to grow their businesses. It is one of the oldest affiliate networks and has thousands of different products for affiliates to choose from.

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