Business Email Marketing Lists – The Money Is In The List!

Hello again my dear affiliate friends, I’m Eugene with more information about the fantastic world of online business. This time I want to talk about a subject matter where I miserably failed to accomplish during my 25 years of being exposed to the Internet. This is the Business Email Marketing Lists but specifically the List building task. By far most people communicate via email but for some odd reason we online entrepreneurs ignore that fact and we miss the point completely.

There are two experts at this subject and they go by the names of John Reese and Frank Kern. Both of these gentlemen have a massive subscriber list, which is their foundation for their business. When it comes time for them to offer a product or launch a joint venture and they email to their respective lists, the response is outrageous. But be clear that there is a story behind it, this did not happen overnight.

There’s always a process to everything behind in the Internet Marketing world, but building a list is of the utmost importance along with having a website so you can continuously give value to your subscribers. By the way Frank & John made one time back around 10 to 15 years ago millions and millions of dollars in several email messages when they were launching a new product and guess what this was in a period of less than 24 hours.

Direct Email Marketing Lists

Having Direct Email Marketing Lists is like having a gold bullion hidden under your mattress, just in case we run out of our own currency and there’s no other way to cash in. Your Business Email Marketing Lists is the foundation for your online business, it is comprised of a group of people that decided to take you up on your offer, your message, and they are trusting you that you will deliver and fulfill your promise.

Don’t ever default on your promise or these people will be gone forever, so it pays to give them what you promised and you will have them for a long time. The #1 benefit from this list is that you can go back whenever you please and either suggest a new product or you can use your list to talk about a completely different subject altogether.

The key here is that it is a direct relationship between you and your subscribers, a connection that can last for a long time and it is the foundation for your business. Your website can be blacklisted by Google, you can lose the rankings, the server could crash and who knows what else could happen. But your list will stay because it depends on people all over the world and those people are still waiting to hear about what you have to say. Believe me when I tell you that there are people day and night that are waiting for that comment or recommendation on how to improve their financial status, or waiting to hear how can they make more money.

It’s Not All About Money, But It’s All About Trust

It makes sense to say that money should be last thing on your mind when it comes to building a list. The problem with us (including myself) is that as soon as we get 500 people we rush to give them an affiliate link so we can start making money right away and that’s the wrong strategy to follow.

People need to trust you, because it’s hard enough to email back and forth with somebody that you do not know, a complete stranger that after 10 to 12 emails wants to get into your pocket or wants to convince you to pull that credit card and make a purchase. The most important thing here is that we need to build a long-term relationship. Trust is not earned after several days or months, it takes a while. It takes time to earn the respect and the trust of somebody who sits behind a computer screen and you may not know his first name. A picture, an address, a phone number, a small biography can help to build that customer relationship. Take time to build your profile to share with your subscribers.

If you do this the right way, money will come by itself, because trust has been built and people will feel confident that you are telling the truth, but beware of trying to mislead or deceive your customers just because you want to make a quick buck. Remember the money is in the list! OK guess which internet marketing type in 2018 still number one today

Stay On Target With Your Message,

If there’s something that you should never forget or deviate from it, is the fact that you should always stay on target with your theme or message. Talk about your expertise, don’t go wander in other niches that you don’t have any business talking about, that could be your doom day if you do that.

My niche is Internet Traffic, that is what I am passionate about, my whole life working for the Government has been in the Network/System Administration career (watched internet traffic statistics to determine the bad sites to block). I have researched the internet for many years, tried different software, applications and have invested thousands of dollars trying to establish an online business. My critical mistake was not building a list to sustain my business, and I am being honest with you, I failed miserably and I called it quits.

I tried going into other niches, like weight loss, fitness, pets, sports, video gaming and others to fail again because those niches were not my expertise. STAY ON TARGET WITH YOUR MESSAGE, DON’T SWITCH AROUND LOOKING FOR THE LATEST TREND. Stick to what you know and that’s it!

Business Email Marketing Software

If you are going to build your list, establish a trust with your subscribers, might as well automate this task using Business Email Marketing Software. I use AWeber because of their Customer Service, do you  really want to know when is safe going with a  company that is offering a service, check out their Support Desk.

Aweber has a variety of email marketing list building templates that will suit your niche and assist you in getting those precious subscribers. That’s their business, I would advise going thru their videos and webinars to learn how to start building your list. Guess what, they have a 30-day trial to get your feet wet, and after that you can start with just $19.99 per month up to 500 subscribers. It’s very affordable and you need to get going on this mission to sustain your online business down the road, remember the gold bullion hidden under your mattress.


I wanted to share my experience with you on how terrible mistake would be if you do not start building a list right now. Your Business Email Marketing List is your foundation, support but is also your business insurance that you will keep you afloat if things go wrong. But remember that you need to earn the trust of these people that will help you to build your business. List building is all about trust and not everything about the money. I hope that I drove my point across about creating a list around your expertise, please think first in helping before earning! It’s all about helping others achieve what you want to achieve in the end.




Top Website Internet Traffic – Pay Per View Effectiveness

Hello fellow internet traffic seekers, this is Eugene and like I promised I want to help you to find the audience that eventually will see and be interested in what you have to offer. I found this Top Website Internet Traffic in La Feria, Texas that I’ve been using for my Wealth Affiliate website since June  20th. Monetization should be the last thing on your mind right now, the concept here is to build traffic to your website and then after publishing rich content, people will come to visit you.

You see, internet searchers are the most money conscious and smartest people in Web land, so you don’t want to waste their time. You want to capture their attention and hope they will in return acquire your product or service. But please remember it takes a while to go from searcher to a buying customer. That’s why I’m saying to forget about the money part right now, but focus on getting that future customer to view your website.

I want to talk about on this post about the Cost Per View(CPV)/Pay Per View(PPV) internet traffic model. STOP spending your time and advertising dollars fooling around with free traffic exchanges, solo ads, paid to surf sites, banner ads or pay per click search engines, simply don’t work as well as pay per view traffic.

For your peace of mind, I will not provide any affiliate link for this traffic source, they don’t have an affiliate program anyhow. My goal here is for you to start building your customer base while you create your unique content related to your product or service. FORGET ABOUT MONEY RIGHT NOW, LET’S CONCENTRATE ON DRIVING TRAFFIC FIRST!!!


POP_Under Technique

The pop-under advertising network provides a low cost and effective online marketing solution that actually works. This type of traffic is my personal favorite and the top website internet traffic in my opinion. The idea here is that this type of traffic is quality, targeted and effective to get your website exposed to thousands of people that are actively searching what you’re offering. The cost per view for this traffic is usually between 0.002 to 0.010 cents per visit. These are the advantages that this company offers to the customers (you and me):

  1. .002/CPV (cents per visitor)
  2. Pay When They Click To Visit Your Website
  3. Increase Your Sales, Leads or App Installs
  4. Live 24/7 Statistic Tracking
  5. User-Friendly Interface
  6. Higher Conversion Rates
  7. Display Ads At Certain Times Of The Day
  8. Desktop & Mobile Targeting
  9. Every Visitor Is Unique
  10. Campaigns Approved Immediately

The retention rate for PPV/CPV is close to a 100%, of course, this all depends on what is your niche and the content on your website. These are high-quality visitors wanting to see and truly looking for a solution to their problem. I want for you to set a budget out for your campaigns to start building your customer base. Later I will talk about building an email list using this same traffic. You need to email as well show your customers what you want them to eventually see.

Direct Referral That Works

A direct referral means that when you start your campaign and you select the category of users, the traffic will go directly to your site. This is guaranteed traffic that will see what you have to offer. This is the best kind of traffic in my personal opinion, not free untargeted traffic that will get you nowhere. I included the link in the introductory paragraph within the top website internet traffic. The name of the company is and I am so happy with the amount of people that I have received so far, and slowly but surely I will keep moving on to the higher volume of visits campaign plan as I make progress.

Targeting Your Audience

By advertising with, you will be able to reach your targeted audience by displaying your website to thousands of eager people who are looking for products, services or offers such as yours. It doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to use their service. Their rates are affordable and very cost effective.
You will be able to reach your targeted audience (Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20180620-20180626) by having your website displayed across publisher web sites that are relevant to the service or product advertised.  They can help our businesses get more online quality traffic by advertising our businesses on websites such as CNN, rolling stones, entrepreneur, shopping networks like Amazon and thousands of other websites that are targeted to our market. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Set Up Your Traffic First

I want you to take a look at my website Audience Overview report, it tells the story and it is hard proof that you must build traffic first and everything else will be much easier to set up later. Folks this is only one week and you can see the numbers, I am guaranteed 10,000 visitors for the next month. Notice the 7.7% of returning visitors (important number). This is my second post my friends, I am just starting to create quality content for my audience to see. You want the Starving Crowd to come to your website. 

For all the skeptical out there these are the facts and the numbers to follow. Don’t waste any more of your time with other traffic sources. There is another Pay Per View traffic platform called PropelMedia.   This platform is for the high rollers because it requires a $1,000 deposit but this one has the highest quality of visitors on the net, and that’s the reason for the high price tag but it’s worth it. I’ll leave this one for last as I move on with my advertisement.


Link Targeter is the little company in La Feria, Texas that will deliver your audience month by month at a budget that won’t make a hole in your pocket. This is a 100% qualified traffic, so take advantage of this deal and start building traffic to your domain on the Internet. Remember traffic first and then you add everything else. Please be honest and only deliver high quality and niche rich content.





Internet Marketing Online Solution – What You Need To Know!

When it comes to finding your internet marketing online solution, you need to consider many factors from the online marketing arena. First of all, you will find a lot of misleading information, that’s how the so called “gurus” keep you away from the real stuff. You will not get any help from those guys because their business is to make money and they don’t want you to crowd their traffic sources. You need to do a lot of research on your own and get into the forums and other discussion groups to find out.

It’s going to take hard work and dedication to eventually find out what will work out for you. Let me repeat my statement so you don’t forget, “There’s no traffic shortage in the Internet, just need to be smart about where to find the audience that is looking for what you have to offer”. Be prepared to get frustrated many times over, but keep pushing your limits because there’s a fierce competition out there. My advice is to trust your gut feeling but always test, test, and test some more until you fine tune your traffic source.

Paid VS Free Traffic

There are two main traffic types that will boost your internet marketing online solution. Free traffic are people or “eyeballs” that are just looking around, but in reality they’re not in the buying mode. These “tire kickers” are referred as “Untargeted Traffic”. This type of traffic source is very unreliable and I would not use this source for my online business, you will fail from the beginning if you go this way.

Now on the other hand Paid traffic is the one called “Targeted Traffic” because these are specific “buyers” that are looking for something specific in a category like weight loss, fitness, weddings, pets, books, income opportunities and so forth. The companies that are providing this traffic type have already categorized their audience so you the online entrepreneur just choose from the many categories and then they will direct that traffic to your website.

There is a word that I would like for you to never forget as long as you have an online business and that is “RELEVANCE”. I want for you to understand that before you get any traffic, your website has to deliver to this Targeted Audience or else you will fail. Relevance means that your product or offer has to match a 100% the specifications of the customer, remember these people have their credit card by their computer to purchase what they’re looking for.

Be certain that your website is no phony site, that is well-built, with the right content, that the links work, the images are closely relevant to the product, make sure your customers can do secure transactions on your website with no problem. The internet buyers are the smartest people in the online world and they will catch anything that may go wrong with your site, they will not sit around waiting for your homepage to come up, they will leave in a heartbeat and go somewhere else. You have an average of 5-10 seconds to capture their attention, that’s it, no more than that.

Testing Your Traffic Solution

I hope you have noticed that I have started talking about traffic first rather than building your website and other SEO things that you need to know. I am doing this on purpose because for so many years I failed so many times, I spent a thousand of dollars in all the latest internet software gadgets that money can buy and nothing really worked for me, and that money I spent on fake internet marketing software solutions took a toll on me, that I finally decided to give it up trying to start an online business.

Whatever you do, always test your software or marketing solution before you decide to use it. Test it with some done for you affiliate marketing websites before going public to make sure it works. I tried so hard to make it with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, other online platforms to promote my websites but nothing worked, my big mistake was that I thought that with Free traffic I could get a “free ride” and make it big, I was so wrong. Paid traffic platforms like Google Adwords are so expensive and if you don’t have a budget to spend, you well will dry quickly. There is a Paid Traffic source that is under the budget and it’s very efficient and it’s called PPV/CPV (Pay Per View/Cost Per View). I will talk about that type in another post.

Research, Research, Research, Test, Test, Test and don’t ever stop testing because that’s how you will become an expert.

Patience Has Its Virtue

There’s a quote that says “Winners don’t quit and Quitters don’t Win”. I love quotes because those are a true source of inspiration, besides good advice that will change your life for the better. Winners are always looking for solutions and Quitters never can find the solutions because they quit way before the time. In order for you to make it in this type of venture you must have patience otherwise might as well quit now.

Patience is a virtue and only those that can go thru all types of trials and tribulations, and are willing to take risks, those are the ones that will reap the big rewards. To be successful it takes time but mostly patience because it requires failing many times to get to that one solution that will work for you for a long time.

Establishing Your Budget – Reinvest in your Business

Online entrepreneurs tend to spend the money they earned paying those bills, or taking that long vacation to Hawaii, but hardly think of reinvesting that money back into the business to acquire more traffic to test their website content, product, images to see what can be improved to increase the audience.

Set an amount of money on a monthly basis to use it for your business until it grows at a steady pace, then as you go you can plan on how you will manage your capital. It takes money to make money, that is so true, but please do it wisely. If you need to get advice from a professional do it, remember it’s your money.


. After failing so many times and quitting, I concluded that there had to be some other way to make it online. My main failure was finding the traffic to promote my websites. So I decided to start backwards this time around, so I am know testing three traffic platforms that I will soon will share on my website. Then I rejoined the Wealthy Affiliate guys (Kyle & Carson) to get all the tools that I need to be successful. I am a winner now and I don’t intend to quit this time!